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Skirrid Inn Wales
Skirrid Inn Wales

Located in Llanvihangel Crucorney, Skirrid Mountain Inn is reputed to be the oldest Public House in Wales. It has a long grim history which can be traced as far back to the Norman Conquest. It is one of the best places to go for people who want to experience the Paranormal and Hauntings. A brief history of the Skirrid, standing in the shadow of the mountain of which the Pub is named the first floor of the Inn was used as a Courtroom where people who committed serious offences were handed out Capital Punishment. According to local legend more than 180 Felons who had been convicted were hung from an oak beam over the staircase just outside the Courtroom. Markings from the rope can be seen on the beam to this day. The holding cell for prisoners has now been converted into a store room.

The Skirrid has been an Inn since 1110 and it is most famous for being the Courtroom of Judge Jeffrey's , the hanging Judge during the wake of the Rebellion. It still retains some of it's old features, such as the wood panelled restaurant and an old ship's bell used for the last orders.

The Skirrid Inn is the residence of several evil spirits and various Paranormal occurrences have manifested themselves in the Inn, and it has a reputation of being one of the scariest places in the UK that several Paranormal investigators have visited the Inn over the years, and without fail have all been scared witless by the following morning. The Hanging Judge is rumoured to still walk the upper floors of the Inn, looking for suitable candidates to Condemn to death. One Felon who was sentenced to death, John Crowther, a sheep rustler, has been seen several times in the Inn. The evil presence of the Judge's Hangman has also been reported.

Not all the spirits are in the Skirrid are malevolent. There are some friendly entities which have settled in the Inn, such as Father Henry Vaughn, a local Clergyman. There is also the spirit of Fanny Price, a woman who worked in the Inn during the 18th Century who died of consumption at the age of 35, she appears in room 3.

Other ghostly occurrences in the Inn are the powerful scent of perfume, flying  glasses, without being touched, the rustling of a ladies dress, sound of soldiers in the courtyard and sightings of the white lady. Visitors have reported a myriad of disturbing phenomena and most of them have complained that they felt as if they were being strangled or  being hung.

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