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Schooner Inn Northumberland
Schooner Inn Northumberland

Built in the 1600's as a Coaching Inn this Grade 11 Listed building has played host to many smugglers, murderers, and vagabonds. With tales of suicides, family massacres, and murders. It is little wonder the Schooner holds so many ghosts and dark secrets, with a reported 60 or more apparitions roaming it's rooms and corridors.

With over 3000 recent paranormal reports, and the Paranormal Society naming The Schooner as the most haunted hotel in Britain. The majority of the rooms in the hotel are reportedly haunted. however the centre of reports seem to stem from room 28. Stories of suicides, murders, and family massacres are said to have occurred in this room. Guests have reported the sounds of children's voices and crying, women's screams, and overwhelming sense of fear, and a feeling of an unseen presence in the room with them.

Rooms 16 and 17 have played host to a number of apparitions. Figures have been standing at the end of the bed, as well as in the corridors outside the rooms, what's interesting is the fact a hidden door was discovered that once connected these two rooms. Which is intriguing given the fact that the hauntings in both of these rooms are so similar. There is also the presence of a young boy in the corridor outside these rooms he's believed to be the one that knocks on all the doors down the corridor. In rooms 28,29, and 30 a variety of sounds including knocks, bangs, and whispering have been heard in these rooms. People have also often reported feeling of dread, dizziness and sickness in these rooms also there are reports of a solder who walks the corridors and a maid is said to appear on the stairs.

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