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Hean & Chickens Bridgnorth
Hean & Chickens Bridgnorth

The Hen and Chicks was a Coaching Inn and was built in the 17th Century on a previous property foundations that was burnt down in the great fire of Bridgnorth in the English Civil War. The Inn is notorious for it's ghosts and poltergeist activity with countless sightings over the years. One night the barman went down into the very ancient cellar that belonged to the previous property, to bring some packets of crisps to put behind the bar. The Inn was fairly busy, and he was heard screaming  from the cellar, and then he rushed up the cellar stairs as white as a sheet. He sat down and he told how he had put his hand and arm under a low wood shelf to pull a box of crisps out, only for a hand to grip his arm and it tried with great strength to pull him under the shelf. It was such a force he was badly bruised.

The Monk that would appear late at night in the Bar, the apparition would travel the full length of the lounge bar towards the counter and go through the wall into the passageway that belongs to the New Inn mentioned elsewhere in these listings. When this apparition was first seen by the landlord, he was cashing up his till  after closing time, and he felt a draft of cold air, and when he looked up to his amazement there was the apparition and it was very close to him as it walked by, the draft came from the cloak and he could plainly see it had purple silk lining, it then passed through the wall by the till to next door.

The Hen and Chicks will be the subject of a book to be published shortly.

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