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Feathers Ludlow
Feathers Ludlow

This 17th century coaching hotel is not only famous for it's Tudor beams and history in the famous market town of Ludlow, it is also a very famous as a haunted building with considerable paranormal activity.

A ghost of a woman, evil in appearance, and the apparition of a man in rough country clothing and tweed jacket with a sheep dog on a rope as a lead roam the building. The ill defined shape of a woman stands naked behind the Feathers bar, naked only wearing clogs, and sometimes they both appear together behind the bar, causing considerable consternation from some of the guests. The lady's apparition has been seen many times over the years walking behind the bar.

Visitors and staff alike have reported countless paranormal experiences in the Feathers, but perhaps the most frightening experience occurred in room 211, where this evil jealous spirit is said to lurk in the darkness. On this one particular night a guest awoke to find herself being dragged out of bed by her hair, she was a very brave woman, as she fell asleep after the experience, however she woke again to find herself drenched in water while the bed around her was completely dry. Her partner didn't experience much at all apart from a gentle stroking sensation on his face. On other occasions the apparition of a 17th century soldier has been seen walking through room 232 and 233 before disappearing into the ether.

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